Let's talk money.

BY ENDRIT LLOSHI, Nov 20, 2020
Before I started working in with industry, the words goal and financial education never rang all that important for me. Why do we need them? I thought all that was important was to invest just to make money! Thankfully it didn't take me long at all to understand how important is to have goals and to…
With the elections just around the corner, many of you may be wondering about your money and your investments. We’ll hope to quench your thirst (if any) for this connection of money with politics.1. If you take action due to the elections, it’s market timing, no matter how you justify it. Market…
BY JOY WEEMS, Sep 2, 2020
If you’ve met with InvestEd, there’s a 50 percent chance that you became a client and are on a successful track to financial well-being. For the rest that are not, we won’t fault you for it, *smile* it could be you just weren’t ready or we just need to be better at connecting the dots for you. As we…
BY GENTI CICI, Aug 5, 2020
Our current ‘recession via a pandemic’ situation calls for an evaluation of all of our budget items; if we have a budget, or the creation of a budget if we don’t have such. This global pandemic has more than ever shown the importance of having an understanding of where your money is coming from as…
BY GENTI CICI, Jul 2, 2020
I hear you thinking after reading the title: ‘But I’m already thinking more & more about money, especially now after the Pandemic, what else can I do more’. Great point, then please read below…Focusing on the trees and missing the forestAs a financial planner and investment advisor, I get to…