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How to Profit from Conflicting Opinions
BY GENTI CICI, Oct 1, 2013
Eugene Fama, Robert Shiller and Lars Hansen recently shared this year’s Nobel Prize in Economics. The little amazing part of this is that all three economists have differing opinions on how asset prices fluctuate. On one spectrum Fama’s research in the late 1960s and 1970s showed that it is…
Very often lead to losses, fraud or both
BY GENTI CICI, Sep 1, 2013
One of our main functions as advisors is to not only give recommendations, but also to provide reasonable expectations of return and risk that our client’s portfolios have and have that discussion with our clients. This function, at times, may have high importance to ‘smooth out’ our clients’…
The 'Broadly Diversified, Low-Cost Portfolio'
BY GENTI CICI, Aug 1, 2013
We have always made it clear that our duty as fiduciaries is to look out for the benefit of our clients by lowering the total costs of the investment management process while at the same time providing for a broadly diversified and global portfolio. We have also been vocal about the use of Vanguard…
But it sure beats 'Acting to Noise'
BY GENTI CICI, Jul 1, 2013
This month I would like to write about the behavioral finance part of the market, a part that has become more important due to major volatility and continuous news about the economy and the stock market. Behavioral finance is that part of finance that studies people’s actions and beliefs when faced…
And may continue to do so in the future, if behavior doesn’t change
BY GENTI CICI, Jun 1, 2013
I have often written about many different parts of the stock market, economy and more. Today, I want to talk about the known fact that most people lose and will continue to lose money in the stock market and then soon give up and completely avoid it in the future. It is not that the market is…
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