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BY INVESTED, Dec 27, 2017
No. A stock’s price is based on the company’s value and future estimation of growth potential. However, in the stock market, individual stock may experience an average high and low price. Because some stocks have these high or low averages, it’s usually a big deal when they break through the ceiling…
BY INVESTED, Dec 19, 2017
The stock market is a fickle place. At its core, the prices have a great deal to do with how seller and buyer demands line up, but there are various factors that can impact the price of stock. Let’s take a look.Consumer confidence- This has to do with the general public’s feelings of how the economy…
BY INVESTED, Dec 14, 2017
The stock market dates back to the late 18th century, where a group of brokers met outside on Wall Street and agreed to only buy and sell to each other for a set commission. Today, it has since turned into a larger market allowing masses upon masses of brokers to buy and sell stock in publicly…
Gift giving ideas that are thoughtful and easy on your wallet
BY PATRICK VOLK, Dec 5, 2017
The holidays can often be a bit stressful with all of the pressures of visiting family and traveling, not to mention the financial strain of gift giving. A 2016 Experian holiday shopping survey found 43% of shoppers said that the extra expenses incurred during the holidays makes it hard to enjoy the…
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