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BY GENTI CICI, Jun 21, 2018
Debt, debt, and more debt. Everywhere you turn, you see debt. Your parents had debt, whether it was house debt, car debt and/or credit card debt. You may have racked up a little credit card debt yourself while in college and on top of possibly owing money back for school itself, once out of school…
BY GENTI CICI, Jun 15, 2018
“What bad financial habits? I have none.” – said no one. Whether we like it or not, all of us, including myself, have some bad financial habits. For some of us, they could be small and not really that harmful, or for others, large enough that they are really holding us back from achieving our…
BY JOY WEEMS, Jun 5, 2018
If you know InvestEd, you know we are all about our client’s wellbeing. Not only do we advocate for financial health, but a part of our persona is stressing the importance of complete health and how deficits in any area can have negative effects on the others. It is with this thought in mind that we…
BY GENTI CICI, Jun 1, 2018
You’ve decided to get a new job, packed up your office stuff into a brown box and are heading home or maybe to a bar near you to either celebrate or cry. But have you forgotten something? Your 401k! According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the median time in a job is about 3 years for a…
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