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BY INVESTED, Feb 22, 2018
It’s tax time again and we’re all gearing up to file our own taxes by the April 15th deadline. It can all feel a bit heavy to finally sit down and get them done, but all you need to do is prep yourself by lining up all the things you need to do your taxes to get through it smoothly and hassle free.…
BY JOY WEEMS, Feb 15, 2018
Growing up, the culture around tax time was to file your taxes and hope for a big refund. For years before I became a wage earner myself, I could overhear adults lamenting about bills to be paid, but looking forward to tax time when they’d be expecting a refund check. There was always an air of it…
BY JOY WEEMS, Feb 7, 2018
Paying Taxes - It’s one of the two things that everyone on this earth is guaranteed to do. Tax time comes around like clockwork every year, but if you’re like most Americans, you find yourself clamoring to file taxes just under the deadline. Why not make 2018 your year to hit the ground running and…
BY GENTI CICI, Feb 1, 2018
On December 22, 2017 the highly contested Tax Cuts & Jobs Act became law. While it is hundreds of pages long, we’ve cut through the noise and summarized the main points of the new tax law that you should know. In the past, many in Congress have pushed for a much simpler tax code, one where you…
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