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BY PATRICK VOLK, Sep 7, 2017
Stocks represent ownership. When you buy a stock, you’re actually buying a piece of a company. A stock can increase or decrease in price, but it may also pay dividends.Common stock is the most widespread type of stock issued by corporations. The growth potential is greater for common stock than…
BY PATRICK VOLK, Sep 1, 2017
1. Set your bills on autopay. Save time and money by having your essential expenses automatically come out of your checking account on a regular basis. This will guarantee the bills are paid and you will avoid late fees. It also has the benefit of dedicating dollars to particular expenses, allowing…
BY PATRICK VOLK, Aug 23, 2017
An emergency fund is, simply, cash set to the side to protect you from invading your long-term investments or going into debt if an unexpected cash need arises. Typically, this reserve of money should equate to approximately three months of your salary. It may be more for individuals who are more…
BY PATRICK VOLK, Jul 7, 2017
In investments, as in life, it is important to focus on what you can control, not what you can’t. When choosing to invest your money for the long-term, market performance is always out of your control. Politics, economic bubbles and general market sentiment are all factors that impact the market but…
"Grocery Shopping on a Budget Made Simple"
BY PATRICK VOLK, Jun 16, 2017
InvestEd collaborated with Terra’s Kitchen to create a blog post about “Grocery Shopping on a Budget Made Simple”. Terra’s Kitchen is a food delivery business that believes in feeding others the way we want to be fed. Meaning, they cook with the highest quality and nutrient-dense ingredients. This…