Let's talk money.

BY GENTI CICI, May 1, 2018
Millions of people play the lottery every week with the hope that they may be the lucky winner. Statistics show that the chances of hitting the big jackpot are somewhere around 1 to 175,000,000. Just to add some perspective to those odds, statistics say that in any 1 year you have a 1 in 700,000…
BY GENTI CICI, Apr 4, 2018
Just like you schedule your yearly physical to make sure your overall health is in good shape, you should make giving yourself a wealth health check-up a priority as well. It is important to check in on your overall financial situation, at least annually, to make sure that you’re still on track with…
BY GENTI CICI, Mar 30, 2018
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." --Helen KellerInvestEd is thrilled to present our newest team members, George Pikounis and Endrit Lloshi. Both round out the InvestEd team by coming on board as our new advisors. We have so much in store for the year ahead as we have twice the…
BY GENTI CICI, Mar 29, 2018
So you’ve tied the knot and you’re experiencing all the joys of married life. You’ve decided on your living location, made plans for decorating, and had a discussion about sharing bank accounts and bill sharing, but what about how you will file taxes as a person of the newly married club. You’ve…
Part 2: Spenders
BY JOY WEEMS, Mar 22, 2018
In our last blog, we looked at what makes savers tick and offered up some ways for them to create spend friendly lifestyle, that creates space for enjoying a little splurge here and there, but still leave space for your practical saving goals. For this blog, we’ll pay attention to the spender of the…