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Last week we had the pleasure of hosting a wonderful event with a group of women with the purpose of getting people to visualize their goals by constructing flower crowns. The result was a room full of multiple crowns of varying floral order, floral frequency, orientation, and display. All of our flowers represented different life goals and each step of the crown making process represented a part of the process involved in establishing the financial plan to see them come true. We share this for context because what came after was the best part, in our opinion. In the days following the event, many of the ladies proudly posted their flower crown selfies, but juxtaposed to these beautiful optics, in their description of what there was to see more deeply in the picture, was an authentic narrative of their personal financial journeys and how the event re-sparked some things they already knew, and for others, it gave them some information that had gone unshared to them during their formative years. These smart, passionate, fashionable and awe-inspiring women, who regularly get likes for sharing the softer, fun and glamorous side of life, were now receiving likes and comments from people that appreciated knowing that even with the veneer of Instagram, they too have things to figure out and are making moves to flourish financially. With one share like this, people became expressive of their own financial insecurities and aspirations, and moreover, became interested in what we do and how their specific situation could benefit from our services. That is the power of sharing with the community. It produces ripples that can turn into waves of change for a person’s life. If you’re ready to make some financial changes this blog is intended to show you how your financial situation can benefit from sharing with the community around you. Let’s take a look.

Helps Solidify Goals:

To start, in addition to what was said above, having a financial awakening and sharing your hopes for financial freedom can help you flush out what it is you actually want to for the future. Only you can know what you want the full picture of your financial future to look like, but talking with others, and more specifically, a financial advisor can help you flush out the filler and get to the crux of what you want so that your financial goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. When these parameters are met, you’ll have a better chance of sticking to your goals as well.

Helps You Stay Motivated:

When you’ve solidified your goals and start verbalizing them to others, it helps you stay motivated. The more you talk about something, the greater the likelihood that it stays at the forefront of your mind and at the top of the list of things that you want to tackle. Stay vocal about what you want!

You Gain Accountability Partners:

Each time you share with someone, you undoubtedly gain an accountability partner. A financial advisor is a great accountability partner because they will be in tune with your goals and will know what behaviors show results in reaching your goals. For the time in between meetings with your advisor, you can explicitly call upon a friend to check in with you to make sure you’re sticking to a plan, like not going out to too many happy hours in a week, but even people you tell in passing are sure to recall your last conversation and will be interested in seeing how things are going. When there are more eyes and more people looking to see how you’ll turn your words into action, you tend to stay in motion to prove to yourself and to those you care about that you can make your goals happen.

You Have People To Celebrate With: When it’s all said and done, you’ll have a community of people who can celebrate with you when you’re able to share your milestones accomplishments on the way to your big goal. This community of people can appreciate where you started and celebrate you fully for having been included in the steps it took for you to get to the ultimate goal. Who wouldn’t want to share a big “I did it!” with those who were supportive at the beginning of your journey?

If you’re ready to have your financial awakening and make some big changes to create the financial life you want, call on InvestEd to be the community you share your financial aspirations with. We are a judgment-free zone and want you to walk away with your goals set and a plan in place to get you to them. We welcome everyone, provide advice in your best interest, and take pleasure in celebrating your financial goal wins as if they were our own. This is a year of prosperity. Make your next move your best move and put yourself in the best financial situation possible. We hope you’ll talk to us soon!

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